The Slimline floor system offers a unique combination of ceiling, hollow installation space and subfloor. The composite floor concept is based on structural steel beams and a concrete ceiling, manufactured in precast elements, with a subfloor of choice.

Slimline is thinner, lighter and more flexible than any other constructive floor system on the market, and has exceptional soundproofing and fire-resistance properties. Prefabrication results in a faster building process whilst offering a number of energy efficient and cost saving design options such as the thermal activation of both floor and ceiling to provide a very comfortable but energy-efficient indoor climate.

SThe basic features of the Slimline floor system, such as integration of all building installations in the hollow floor with permanent accessibility options, reduced floor height and large column-free spans make Slimline the ideal starting point for any distinctive building design.


The Slimline floor element is comprised of a concrete slab with poured-in steel beams. The ceiling plate is approximately 70 mm thick and is often fitted with climate pipes, which can be used to cool or heat the ceiling. The reduced mass results in a fast system response.

Installation Space

One of the unique Slimline features is the optimal accessibility of the building installations in the floor. In practice, this results in a minimal cross-over of horizontal ducts and pipes, which makes altering the layout much easier.


The Slimline subfloor can either be fixed, flexible or a combination of both. A fixed floor is usually fitted with floor heating in order to achieve an optimal indoor climate. The subfloor is acoustically decoupled from the main structure