Part of the Copiam Group

Copiam Group has a passion for making industrial semi-finished products and components of steel, concrete or combinations, as a chain director for our customers.

By joining years of experience in the construction industry with the Slimline, KanaalBreedPlaat and Villavloer floor systems with steel trade and delivery with Eriksen Staal offers Copiam Group integrated products and services that result in less use of materials, smarter processes, lower integral and total cost of ownership and sustainable building constructions.

Broad expertise in steel, concrete and structural flooring comes together in our computer-controlled production facility with extensive processing options under one roof, minimizing material movements for optimum synergy and efficiency.

With a wide range of services, from raw material processing to expert advice and from direct machine control to complete logistic services with quality certification, Copiam Group is your full-service partner for creating structural synergies.