Kraanspoor (Crane Track) - Amsterdam (NL)
Crystal Court - Amsterdam (NL)
Bosch-Siemens Experience House - Hoofddorp (NL)
Rabobank Westland - De Lier (NL)
La Fenêtre - The Hague (NL)
Het Goed - Apeldoorn (NL)
FOX Holidays - Hoofddorp (NL)

The concept

Slimline is thinner, lighter and more flexible than any other constructive floor system on the market, and has exceptional soundproofing and fire-resistance properties. The Slimline floor system offers a unique combination of ceiling, hollow installation space and subfloor.

Technical drawings

Here you can find a range of product details. The standard details show the imposition of the Slimline floor system on various load-bearing structures. The product details show the dimensions and cross section of the floor system relative to the height of the steel profiles and the type of subfloor.


Slimline is committed to inform all construction parties. In this section you can download the Slimline floor system brochures which are constantly updated. The brochures are available in PDF format, readable with Acrobat Reader.

Have a look on site

Slimline has been the floor system of choice to make future proof constructions for years. We'd like to offer you a live view on the creation of the next iconic building which will last and adapt to its users for decades to come.


Slimline Buildings offers the basis for sustainable, future proof construction with the Slimline constructive floor system.


Slimline Buildings is developer and supplier of the proprietary Slimline floor system. Because of the integral nature of the floor system, our team is usually involved early in the design process and supports all stages of construction, from first sketch to building completion. In doing so, we’ve gained invaluable expertise over the years, which we happily apply to your next project.

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Why Slimline?

Integral, sustainable and adaptable.

Slimline is thinner, lighter and more flexible than any other constructive floor system on the market. It has exceptional acoustic and fire-resistance properties. Prefabrication results in a fast building process whilst offering a number of energy efficient and cost saving options such as dual thermal activation to provide a very comfortable but energy-efficient indoor climate. Easy upgrading of installations and adaptability of floor layout significantly increase the building’s economic lifespan.

  • a. Slimline allows large free spans.
  • b. The Slimline floor system remains accessible.
  • c. Reduced floor height and material use result in savings.
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Latest news

Slimline. It’s much more than a floor.

Latest projects



Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands
Zero energy and very slender bridge control center with thermal activation.


Amstelcampus Boerhaave Complex

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dual use of land and optimal adaptability for multifunctional student housing.


FIFPro House

Park 20|20, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Slimline scores with soccer professionals with BREAAM Excellent.


Politie huis

Brugge, Belgium
Energy efficient, durable and flexible police building.
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