Existing Foundation
EKP Building, Rotterdam

The former station mail distribution center is an important historical design by the brothers Kraaijvanger from the post-WOII rebuilding era. It’s a functional and rational design, with a timeless façade and subtle details. The innovative dual façade ensures a comfortable indoor climate. Art objects have been integrated in the design as well. The glass mosaics by Louis van Roode for example, make the staircase to be an extraordinary experience. The distinctive design has led to the building being a municipal monument.

Central Post is the former station post office, situated right next to Rotterdam’s Central Station. The building is redeveloped as a modern office building. Central Post is a key element of the development of the Central Station area into a bustling business hub in the city center.

Central Post is being redeveloped by LSI Project Development in cooperation with Fortress. The building consists of 14 floors and two subterranean levels which will be transformed to hold 320 parking spaces.

Public functions, like retail and restaurants, are included on the first floor. Visitors, passers-by and of course employees of the Central Post offices can relax here.