Existing Foundation
Kraanspoor (Crane Track), Amsterdam

The 270 meter long and 13 meter wide design of Design Group Trude Hooykaas is an extraordinary combination of authenticity and modern architecture. Pure in its form, with an industrial feel. While designing the Crane Track building, a minimum of amount of ‘architecture’ has been applied. This results in the building having a sober but robust look to it.

The existing concrete base – the former crane track– has been utilized during construction, and now supports the office building. Partly due to the full glass façade, Crane Track is a striking object on a historic foundation. A distinctive building which offers optimal views of the surroundings. A lightweight giant.

This impressive, but slender office building has been made possible in part by using the Slimline floor system, which accomplished a maximum self-weight of 250 kg/m2 for this particular project.