Adjusted opening hours

We would like to inform you of several exceptions to our regular opening hours in the following weeks. To avoid surprises, please take note of the dates below.

Slimline Buildings will be closed on the following dates:

* Friday 2 April 2021 (Good Friday)
* Monday 4 April 2021 (Easter Monday)
* Tuesday 27 April 2021 (King's Day)
* Thursday 13 May 2021 (Ascension Day)
* Friday 14 May 2021
* Monday 24 May 2021 (Whit Monday)

In addition, we will be closed during the summer in week 32 (from Monday 2 August 2021 to Friday 6 August 2021) for annual maintenance.

Would you please take these adjusted opening hours into account when placing your orders and planning deliveries?
If you have any questions, our team is happy to help. Please contact us or call 0575 - 599 650.