Unprecedented adaptability with Slimline in PATCH22

In Amsterdam rises the tallest wooden residential building in the Netherlands: PATCH22. This future eye-catcher, part of the Buiksloterham business hub, was designed by architect Tom Frantzen as a building which allows room for change while using sustainable materials. The building can facilitate many purposes with minor modifications.

The freedom of layout is enabled by the Slimline floor system. In this project, Slimline features a free span of about 9,5 meters and a variable load of 4.0 kN/m2 in order to optimally facilitate both office and residential function. Despite its exceptionally low weight, the Slimline floor system meets the stringent house separating requirements. To achieve a comfortable indoor climate, thermal activation is applied in the subfloor.

All the home-office lofts offer a large open area which can be freely divided. The lofts feature a generous height of 3,5 meters and a large outdoor area. On the ground floor, with direct access from the street, two commercial spaces measuring 250 m2 can be found. These spaces, made up of glass and concrete, have a ceiling height of 6 meters. Additionally, multifunctional home office units of 6 meters wide and 6 meters high are realized.

PATCH22 is a wooden high-rise measuring over 30 meters in height. On top of the ground floor, made of concrete and with a 6 meter height, six wooden floors can be found, each with a height of 4 meters. The load-bearing walls, columns and beams are all made of wood. Wood is visible everywhere, which results in a sleek design with a warm look.

The building is entirely self-sufficient year-round, and is carbon neutral. A biofuel installation is used for heat production and PV cells are situated on the roof.