Building lifespan

The Slimline floor system offers specific benefits in all stages of the building lifespan. As the technical installations can be easily upgraded, the building will be interesting for its occupants much longer than when using conventional (poured-in) installation, thus increasing the building life. If the building should ever be dismantled, the Slimline floor elements can potentially be reused for a new building. If the floor elements are to be recycled, Slimline supports the Cradle-2-Cradle philosophy as the steel beams have a residual value and the minimal amounts of concrete can be recycled as well.


  • More square meters
  • Adaptable layout and function
  • Long economic lifespan
  • Sustainability/residual value



  • Freedom of design
  • Reduced fa├žade height
  • Acoustic decoupling
  • High fire-resistance



  • Fast and efficient construction process
  • Less transport movements
  • Reduced material use
  • Lower failure costs



  • Comfort of use
  • Energy efficient
  • Superior indoor climate
  • Adaptable layout