Office buildings can take full advantage of the Slimline floor system benefits. The slender floor concept allows creating seven floors in the same building height as a conventional six floor building. Slimline saves between 40 and 50 cm in height per floor, which leads to a 15% reduction in gross floor height. Modification of the floor layout in the future is relatively easy, as all building installations are permanently accessible.


Slimline offers added value for apartments as well. The floor system facilitates a comfortable indoor climate and the option to select the final layout relatively late in the construction process. Moreover, it’s much easier to accommodate individual requests and meet the increasing demand for comfortable living. Dual thermal activation allows for ‘a cool head and warm feet’.

Residential Care

Slimline allows combining several units into one larger apartment, or to split a larger unit into smaller ones. Easy modification of the living space is one of the distinct features of the floor system. Dependent on the wishes of future occupants, the size of the apartment can be varied, which facilitates life-proof housing. The need for care of the residents can change during their stay. Slimline makes it possible to install or upgrade home automation/domotics to support the residents and the staff of the residential care complex.

Existing Foundation

The Slimline floor system is particularly suitable for renovation or refurbishment projects due to the low self-weight of the floor elements. Alternative constructive floor systems are generally much heavier due to the use of excessive amounts of concrete to achieve sufficient load bearing capacity.